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Powered Paragliding, Paramotor Training, Maintenance, and Equipment Sales

Powered Paragliding...Turn a dream into a reality!

PARAFLIGHT, Paramotor training in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Virginia!

                                                            We recommend the Charger 2 for all new students

ParaJet Maverick Sport Moster Plus $8590            ParaJet Zenith Moster $8,635                       ParaJet Volution 3 $8,735

Power2Fly Evo II Plus $7,250 Delivered               Power2Fly Titan XL $8250 Delivered                 Power2Fly  RS $7,400 Delivered

Propulse Titan Moster Plus 185 $7,350                        Propulse Atom 80 $7,150

Kangook Paramotors                                          Phoenix Plus Moster 185  $7,450

X-Lite Plus $7,300