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Powered Paragliding, Paramotor Training, Maintenance, and Equipment Sales

Powered Paragliding...Turn a dream into a reality!

PARAFLIGHT, Paramotor training in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Virginia!

                                                            We recommend the Charger 2 for all new students

Training Fees

Total training cost is $2750.

-If you order equipment and enroll for ParaFlight training, we require half of your training upfront $1375 and the second half $1375 after you take your first flight.

-If you have equipment and require our team to set it up, safety check, and test it, we will charge $80 per hour plus material.

-If you already purchased equipment, you must call Brian at 703-963-7389 for us to determine if we will support the equipment you bought. It is always best to talk to us before purchasing any equipment if you plan on training with any of the ParaFlight Team.